Sammu Naruto Strawberry Trust Association
strawberry kinds

We grow more than 20 types of strawberries.

It is the main strawberry kind grow in Sammu City. About seven kinds in all are grown. Which strawberry is your favorite?
The cultivar is different according to the strawberry garden.


New kind of Chiba Prefecture
Cone-shaped beautiful lustrous fruits. Kind that smell of fresh peach is high sugar concentration, a little acidity, and sweet because of feature.
Harvest time : Early Dec. to end of May


Kind of Tochigi Prefecture promotion
Big fruits glossy in the form of the cone are the charms. The ratio of sugar and the acid is high, and the taste is good.
Harvest time : Early Dec. to end of May


New kind that country promoted
Glossy fruits in long conic shape. Fruits are a little firm, and the sugar concentration ends in the whole season and is steady high. There are a lot of contents of vitamin C.


New hybridization kind that arose from Akihime and Sachinoka
Good conbination of sweetness of Akihime and acidity of Sachinoka.
Harvest time : Early Dec. to end of May


Promotion kind of private breeding person in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Acidity is few and sweet in a cone-shaped long strawberry. Soft fruits give a fresh texture.
Harvest time : End of Dec. to End of May


Kind of Gunma Prefecture,
Hybrid of Tonehoppe and Tochiotome kind.
This new kind was registerd in 2005.
Very big fruits in light red. Calyx of the strawberry is large and characteristic.
Well balanced sweetness and acidity.
Harvest time : Mid. Dec. to end of May



Most of strawberry flower is white, but this kind has light pink petal like Cherry blossoms (Sakura).


Rare species of strawberry are growing in a few gardens.