Sammu Naruto Strawberry Trust Association

The Sammu Naruto Strawberry Turist Association celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2013.

Thanks to you, our association that had started from the pursuit of delicious strawberry came the 30th anniversary. It was supported by many people and it was possible to come here. It is the same age as Tokyo Disneyland. It is a association of foundation in 1983.
* The name was changed from the Naruto strawberry turist association by merging of municipalities in March, 2006.

We acquired an environment friendly agricultural eco farmer as for us in December, 2002.

It became the first acquisition in Chiba Prefecture as facilities of strawberry picking. Do you know the word eco farmer?
"Eco Farmer"
It is the one to introduce the agricultural production method to do the soil-making with compost etc. and decreases of the commercial fertilizer and agricultural chemicals as one body, and to work on the environmental friendly agriculture. The environmental friendly agriculture emergency headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries recognizes it. It acquired it to answer consumer needs promptly in December, 2002.

The 8th environmental friendly agriculture promotion contest encouragement prize winning

The encouragement prize was won in the whole country from among ten winner prefectures.
"Screening criterion"
Practice and device of agrotechnology that considers environment (proper use for materials such as enforcing soil making, fertilizers, and agricultural chemicals and reduction, etc.)

Our association practices

  • Loss in weight of commercial fertilizer mainly composed of organic fertilizer
  • Reduced pesticide cultivation that introduces natural enemy
  • Eco farmer recognition acquisition

There must be creativity, and the one with a regional influence.
The one to contribute to the activation of the region through the exchange with the consumer etc. and the development of the regional society.
"Hosting institution etc."
 Hosting: Nationwide environmental friendly agriculture promotion conference.
 Backup: The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, center association of nationwide cooperative society, and Japan life cooperation union federation