Sammu Naruto Strawberry Trust Association

Frequent Asked Questions


About situation of opening a strawberry farm

  • Q. Has the day of rain opened a farm?
  • A. Because the strawberry is grown in the green house, wind and rain can be almost surpassed to things except the weather like rain storm. However, it is by the location place of the green house when the pavement is not concrete or shoes are dirty.
  • Q. Will you open tomorrow?
  • A. Tomorrow's situation of opening a farm informs you by top page. New information is published until about almost five o'clock of the evening. Please ferer to the Japanese page here. Or you can check in the following calendar page here.
  • Q. Is the forecast of opening a farm understood?
  • A. The calendar of opening a farm is prepared in consideration of the movement every year. Please refer. However, the cultivation expectation of the strawberry is reflected, it sometimes updates, and confirm it again, please before you come. Please refer to here.
  • Q. A lot of guests have come, and the strawberry farm where you want to go closes.
  • A. Strawberry farm close earlier than the time expected because many customers come more than the expectation. In that case, we will pass on information of opening a farm on that day in Tourist Information Center in front of JR Naruto Station.

About transportation

  • Q. How do you come to our Sammu City?
  • A. By car, please refer to the following page here. By train , please refer to the following page here.
  • Q. Is there a farm where it can walk from the station when taking the train?
  • A. We will guide it in Tourist Information Centre in front of Naruto Station. There is a strawberry farm where it can go within 15 minutes on foot, too. This is the picture of Tourist Information Center. Please click here. There is only exit in JR Naruto station. This building is located at right.

For selection of strawberry farm

  • Q. Is there a strawberry farm that a wheelchair and a lame person can use?
  • A. in preparation
  • Q. Which strawberry farm is recommended?
  • A. I am sorry, please use this homepage for the reference. It comes as much as possible to disclose information when it is possible to do like the outline etc. of conditions of location and facilities in the future.

For charge of strawberry picking

  • Q. Please teach the charge of strawberry picking.
  • A. The price list is prepared, and please refer to here.
  • Q. For price of direct sale strawberry
  • A. We will change with the difference between the size and the kind of sold season, etc.
  • Q. For charge setting of less than three-year-old child
  • A. The child who becomes an object is a person who is walked by oneself, and does the strawberry picking. The seedling and the ridge of the strawberry are often hurt for a small child and it is seen. Therefore, this fee system is set. Please continue your favors toward understanding. Please refer to the following fee page here.

For entrance into a strawberry farm

  • Q. Can you enter the strawberry farm only by the child?
  • A. I hope entrance into a strawberry farm by the guardian going as for the child. Please continue your favors toward understanding because only the child's entrance into a farm is dangerous because there are a ventilation fan and a hive in the house, too.
  • Q. What clothes are recommended?
  • A. Because the strawberry is grown on the field, shoes that move easily are worn recommended. High-heeled shoes and shoe sole's hard shoes will damage the vinyl sheet paved on ground, and do not put it on, please.
  • Q. Is a pet going possible?
  • A. I am sorry, please pardon it.
  • Q. Can the condensed milk be brought in?
  • A. The condensed milk is prepared in each garden. Please tell us by the acceptance so when you want to bring it in by the customer oneself.

For time question

  • Q. When is crowded?
  • A. We will prepare the calendar of opening a garden in consideration of the movement every year. Please refer. The cultivation expectation of the strawberry is reflected, and it sometimes updates it. Please confirm it again before you come. Please click here.
  • Q. When is delicious as for the strawberry?
  • A. The taste of the strawberry changes greatly by the season.

For knowhow

  • Q. Delicious way to eat strawberry?
  • A. The strawberry can be delicious because the more it goes to the point, the more the sugar concentration increases when eating from the leaf toward the point. Moreover, it can enjoy a taste the strawberry original by eating without applying milk first. When milk is put up after a while, it can be delicious in a different taste.
  • Q. Can a very delicious strawberry be distinguished?
  • A. The whole is red, and the one of puffy feeling is delicious. Moreover, there is something to which the leaf warps when ripening into full maturity by the kind.