Sammu Naruto Strawberry Trust Association

100% ripe strawberry is a wonderful sweetness

There are a lot of delicious strawberries in the greenhouse. Because the taste is different, We want you to eat and to compare all kinds of them.

You can compare different varieties of strawberries to eat

Each kind of strawberries will enchant you. Please eat and compare with Fusanoka, Sachinoka, Tochiotome, Benihoppe and other. It is not necessary to use condensed milk for strawberry, Because they are not sour.

You are able to have rare breeds

In Naruto area, various kinds of strawberry are planted. For example, Fusanoka, Akanekko, Yayoihime and Kanamihime are very rare breed.
It is very difficult to eat them in another place.

Strawberry Road is the most wide location in Kanto for strawberry picking

There are 20 farms of Sammu Naruto Strawberry Trust Association along the National Highway Route 126. It's called "Strawberry Road".
This is a very famous place to enjoy strawberry picking and strawberry shops.

Admission time was extended to 40 minutes 

You may pick and eat strawberry during 40 minutes long in this season.
Please enjoy well strawberry picking.

It takes only 1 to 2 hours from Tokyo by car.

To go to Strawberry load, exit Sammu-Naruto Inter Change of Chiba-Togane freeway.
It takes 2 minutes from freeway exit to nearest farm.
We are looking forward to your visit.

We acquired an environment friendly agricultural eco farmer as for us in December, 2002.

It became the first acquisition in Chiba Prefecture as facilities of strawberry picking. Do you know the word eco farmer?
"Eco Farmer"
It is the one to introduce the agricultural production method to do the soil-making with compost etc. and decreases of the commercial fertilizer and agricultural chemicals as one body, and to work on the environmental friendly agriculture. The environmental friendly agriculture emergency headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries recognizes it. It acquired it to answer consumer needs promptly in December, 2002.

Pollination by bee

A lovely bee is sometimes strolling in the green house. When the bee is seen, let's observe the appearance to taste in honey!

Extermination of harmful insects that uses natural enemy

We are positively taking wonderful cultivation that doesn't use insecticide. The effect has been surely brought though time and money. The customer eats the strawberry without washing, and we want to have sticking to.